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Svätojánska lookout tower

Svätojánska lookout tower offers beautiful views of the whole village and the surrounding area. It is located in the locality of Stráne above the cemetery under the Kameničná hill (829 m above sea level). You can get there directly from the village from Ulice pod Stráňou or the area of ​​the Teplica thermal spring (by a bridge over the Štiavnica stream). A modified sidewalk leads to the lookout tower, which starts from the road near the cemetery.

The lookout tower is made of wood, the shape and materials that were used to build it are based on traditional Slovak architecture. The height of the lookout tower is 10.475 m, the floor plan dimension is 4.95 x 4.95 m. It has two platforms, the first has dimensions of 4 x 4 m and the second, higher, 3.25 x 3.25 m. Svätojánska lookout tower is located at an altitude of approximately 700 m.

Underground under the towers - Exposition of the life of the coin - COIN

You will experience the story of the life of the coin, from its conception in the depths of the earth and its birth in the mint. This exposition offers visitors to look at the coin in different eyes, that you have not looked before.


In this exhibition area, you can see 18 models of the most popular Slovak cultural monuments. The exhibition is being constantly expanding so it is never the same twice. The models are on the scale of 1:25 with a strong emphasis on detail. The first of these miniatures were created in 2005 and was a model of the Urban Tower in Košice.

Stanišovská Cave

The only year-round cave in Liptov is opened every day. You can enjoy a perfect experience when discovering a magical cave with guides - cavers. You will walk along the walls that were sculpted by water and Mother Nature into indescribable shapes. Every visitor will receive a headlamp before entering but do not worry you do not need special clothing or shoes. Stanišovská Cave is an ideal destination for the whole family.

Spa spring - "Kaďa"

At the end of the village of Liptovský Ján is a place that is famous for its healing effects. It is a thermal spring called Kaďa. Thermal water has proven healing effects in rheumatic diseases, diseases of the female organs, skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Its magnificent location in the nature of the Jánska valley creates an ideal place for recreation and relaxation. The surrounding area is well maintained and swimming in this healing spring is free.

Thermal swimming pool in Liptovský Ján

A popular place for rest, relaxation and recovery, especially for the beneficial effects of thermal water, which comes from the Rudolf thermal spring. In 1963, the Rudolf spring was drilled at a depth of 95 m with a temperature of 29.4 ° C. Its water and the water of other nearby wells are used in the pools of the summer thermal swimming pool in Liptovský Ján. The water from the Rudolf thermal spring is mineralized and acidic, it is strongly carbonic and medium hydrogen sulfide.

Liptovský Ján - KRAKOVA HOĽA (Hiking - 5.15 hours)

Liptovský Ján – POLUDNICA (Hiking - 2.25 hours)

Liptovský Ján – OHNIŠTE– Liptovský Ján (Hiking - 9.30 hours)

Liptovský Ján – SMREKOVICA – Liptovský Ján (Hiking - 4.30 hours)